Shri Vishwarup Ayurveda was founded as a small clinic by

Dr. Dipak Pachpor

In 2005 to serve and cure patients through Ayurved. From starting Panchakrma facility is available to his consulting clinic. In 2015 he shifted his clinic in a new building with all facilities under one roof. Now Shri Vishwarup Ayurveda has three consulting room with six well trained assistant doctors and staff. And for patients resident facility is also available. Vishwarup Ayurveda’s own Medicine Preparation Unit provides fresh Ayurvedic herbs and medicine with its full healing quality. Quotes and information on the wall of spacious and comfortable waiting lobby allows patients to know important modern and ancient facts about Ayurved. Four Panchakarm Rooms, Recovery Area and Sushrut Ayurved Aushadhalaya are some of the distinct features of Vishwarup Ayurveda.


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